100 Second Click Challenge

How fast can you click, click on this link and put your speed to the test, then take a screenshot then I will put you on my leaderboard, Good luck!
100 Second CPS Test - The Finest Mode of Clicker Test.
You will have a timer of 100 seconds.

Ranks ------- Clicks

1st. Mr.Wu 2193 clicks Bufello Rank

2nd. DocilityYT 1045 clicks Bufello Rank

3rd. zerohunt 733 clicks Bufello Rank :water_buffalo:

4th. EliteSnowNinja 556 clicks Panda Rank :panda_face:

5th. WaveMaster 552 clicks Mouse Rank

6th. The_Gem_Wolf 522 clicks Mouse Rank :mouse:
7th. rosie_the_demon 468 clicks Turtle Rank
8th. beatrixthecat 429 clicks Turtle Rank :turtle:
9th. --:–
10th. --:–

lol i got turtle

screen shot it

oop i deleted the tab-

well do it again and show me for proof

i got cheetah

Screen shot it




Nuggy, I’m worried about you some times.


you should be

show me the real thing or you wont be on the score board

I got turtle

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i don’t have a real one

You got more clicks than me ;-;

gtg to bed
night guys

gn rosie

Good night shiba

I got mouse! I did 522 Clicks in 100 seconds

I like how its making fun of me ;-;

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