12th grade Rp

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age 17
Dislikes Nothin
Height 6,11
Pounds 300
Weight 299
About: Doesn’t want to bully but has to when people bully her
Crush: No one yet
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Can i join ig-

Sure IDC

Can i join?-



Name: Charlie
Age: 17
Height: 5’11
Info: a Nice, Very helpful, Always Clueless, Guy, He Is Very Clumsy and Weird, Loves Hugs, Likes a lot of bread, Swift and Energetic, A Master Angel IV, If he Breaks his Promise about not making someone sad He will do anything to make that person happy, And A Really Nice and Heartwarming guy
Likes: Ice cream, Jelly, Sprite, Bread, Cake, Sweets, Dancing, Singing to Himself, And Helping People
Dislikes: Mean things, People who Hurt his friends, Making People sad
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Personality: I told you
Crush: No one rn