80s Clan

Name: 80s Music Clan
Picture: download (18)

Description: Gotta be a true 80s ,90s ,70s music fan to join this club :genie:



Im also gonna test you before me and blife grant you the badge

i take music very seriously

I can’t have the badge :sob:

why :sob:

I don’t listen to 80s music sadly :sob: B u t i l i k e t h e a e s t h e t i c n g l

:sob: what abt 90s or 70s or 60s or EVEN 50s man come on :sob:

I’ve only listened to like 2 songs from the 90s :sob:

Istg tell me what they are i want you to have this badge bc ur like my best friend :sob:

I can never keep up with when these song were made :star_struck:

But one of them was Rasputin :sob:

I love Rasputin you can have the badge :sob:

yay :sob:

Yes :sob:

and the other one was this :star_struck:

Thats good too

i listen to monki

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Thats my favorite

Its the first song ever written

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@Zer-0 please list the people who should have it and tag me in that message

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oh my g0d yes yes yes yes @Zer-0 test me rnnn Imfao

been waiting for a badge like this

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