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No offense, of course. Don’t take that statement the wrong way.

(People could take it the wrong way, trust me)

Because literally everyone I know on this site is aware of the fact that I can handle people’s sexualities.

i know but still do you think god woul allow people to not be straight he he didnt intend for it to happen plus its not like i can control it its who i am

It actually isn’t who you are, it’s your environment and who you hang around. I can guarantee that if you were raised where I was, you wouldn’t be attracted to guys. And I can almost tell you for sure that if I was raised where you were, I would.

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no its how i was born look it up i have only ever been around stright people

being bi has nothing to do with genetics

not what i ment

i mean i was meant to be this way

No, no one was meant to be like that

nothing gentetics related

your not involved in this

YOu’re taking me out of it bc I made a good argument

what is happening

p r e a c h

your agrgument was “no god hates people that are not straight so im right and your wrong”

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I regret to inform you that Dante would agree with that argument

well dante can go fruck himself

God doesn’t hate anyone ,I never said that, I said that He didn’t create us to be like you think you’re supposed to be

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thank you zero

ok then he shouldnt send non straight to heII