A Delicious Friend (Badge)

I’ll just lightly take your word for it and maybe stop this argument : )

Because this has nothing to do with a fan badge for Fallen London.

He sends no one to h3ll, they send themselves

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if you’d like to discuss this, I just invited you to a DM

well still homosexuals shouldnt go to heII just becuase they arent straight thats like comparing them to h!tl#r


:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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ninja you sicken me

whos ninja



It’s a very old nickname that I only let a few people use anymore.

yo can we just agree to disagee?


cool why is it that whenever we talk it becomes an argument



doesnt happen when you talk to me though

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(gib it to @DashtheWarrior too)

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@traversetxwn can i get this? i dont play it i just like the style