A huge problem about a bunch of posts.

In a specific post, I saw that a lot of posts were flagged when they had the word ‘gay’ in them. If your mouse or finger is above the flag button right now,


The posts were specifically talking about @Tufty’s father. I really don’t see the problem with the word gay, and I definitely don’t see why those posts were flagged. I really don’t think that is fair, and I really don’t wanna see that again. It disappoints me, and probably anybody who is gay. I know, I know, a bunch of people are gonna flag this because it says the word gay. But, please, PLEASE, just listen to this! Below, I will tag 2 important people:


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those weren’t tufty’s post tho?

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And what’s the problem with that?
First of all, gay may be used as an insult, and those posts might get flagged.
Second, the word gay is considered as a stop word on facebook’s list of bad words. And we are using this facebook list in our community. With the exception that we don’t mark accounts as “bad” if they use that word, how Facebook does it, but just send those posts on manual moderation.
Third, it’s not made to disappoint someone, and I find it strange that you need to use those words instead to refering them just as equal people or kids


dat last part is deep

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MY father?

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They must have misunderstood. We all know some people accidentally say things without understanding the context, like when I accidentally told @Mica-chan to die without realizing I was saying that. Even moderators make mistakes.

Further information for @Mica-Chan

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your mother wasn’t alive. I thought that you meant you were on vacation or something and wanted to go home. :sob:


If she was on vacation, she’d mostly be with her mother.

Oh. But still, I did not understand the context. I suspect that @blife450 may not have understood about @Tufty.


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I understand, but if moderators see that the post isn’t an insult, the post shouldn’t get hidden. I really hope you understand.

And it’s not, so what’s the problem with that?
The word is not forbidden, it is just sent to a premoderation for admins and mods to see how it was used
Together with many more other words that might be used in a bad way


That’s a good idea. Thanks for adding the features like [date] and fixing [details], by the way.


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Hi. Why not edit your first one?

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