A mixed rp!!! anyone can join!!

Hello there!! I would like to do a demon and Angel rp, plz put your character, name, age, sexuality, gender and anything else u would like to add!!


  1. cursing is allowed, but no slurs or racist things…plz
  2. be respectful and polite meaning don’t bully eachother and just have fun
  3. If u wish to speak out of roleplay use dash marks plz
  4. No more than 5 oc’s
  5. Just have fun!!!
  6. No Op oc’s (It actually ruins the fun-)

first oc’s

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the one with short hair: Juliet
The one with long hair: Agatha

Age’s: both are 17
relationship: Twin sisters
sexuality: Both are lesbians
Gender: woman
Species: demons
Nationality: As humans they are brazilians
Juliet’s personality: fun and bubbly, she could talk for hours and hours non stop, she loves to go out with her friends, she dislikes she represents her mothers personality.

Agatha’s personality: Agatha is quiet, the opposit of Juliet, she prefers quiet spaces, she dislikes crowds, she always claims she’s the “older” sister even tho they are twins, she represents more of her father’s personality.

Heights": Juliet is 5’11 and Agatha is only 6’5


I want to join

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sure just put ur oc and ur oc’s info and ur good!

Alright give me a min. ^^

Name: Simon Ghost
Alias: Riley
Height: 7’6
Info: He’s a Fallen Angel that lost his place
Likes: Snacks, Himself, Being alone, And people who actually do good deeds
Dislikes: Mean people, His snacks going bad and big crowds
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Eh idk


(very noice)

Very much appreciated


Juliet: “oooo can we go to that cafe???”
Agatha: “sure, but don’t go off wandering again, I’m responsible for you.”

Simon:-sipping a drink-

Juliet: “hello there mister!! do you work here??” Juliet walked up to Simon


{I’m joining hold on-}

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Simon: No i don’t work here-.

Agatha: “JULIET!!! what did I just tell you about running off!!! I’m so sorry, this is my little sister, she’s a bit of a pain…”

Juliet: “we’re twins!! your not older than me!!”

Simon: Ok. Nice-

Juliet: “your very tall!! almost as tall as my dad!”

Simon: I was supposed to be smaller, Lost my rank In the angels-