A new topic. (Read description for more info)

I think we need a new topic because having only Feedback, Cursor Ideas General Discussion, and Cursor Collections get boring. I haven’t made any ideas for a new one but that wouldn’t be for me to decide anyways. Blife if you see this, please create a new topic.

For what kind of discussion?

Something for the community so they can create stuff. (I don’t have any good ideas for it but I just personally feel like it needs a new discussion. That’s why I posted it to get replies from others.

hi @Frosty and @blife450

a voting topic

how about we add a topic where you can send each other memes and funny pics and Blife could decide if he wants any of them as cursors.

Roses are red…
Walls are plaster…
the children are fast…
but big bird is faster…


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You have killed me.
So now i will end you…

roses are red
violets are blue
my morning is stinky
and so are you…


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uh OH, stinky POO

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3have you know I love to cook tonight if your up tonight so that would help to cook and clean the kitchen and I and the rest if to the office for if they need is you will never happen so they won’t happen

no way is frosty the reason we have the new topics today and evryday…

no way