A Sticky Situation

as the Adventurer reached the mouth of the Catacombs, something about the way the entrance looked gave him a chill up his spine; when he noticed the entrance was covered in old cobwebs and a sickly green moss; but that didn’t stop him from brushing aside the webs and descending down the chipped and dust-covered stairs into the actual Catacombs; where he was attacked by a small swarm of SkitterBooms and two Fat-belly Spiders; which were shown no mercy; as they squealed in pain, fell limp on the blackstone floor, and exploding into Experience; which the Adventurer happily collected; and continued deeper into the Catacombs; where the Gargantula King sat, on a web-covered pedestal; with it’s five beady red eyes looking down upon the Fiend; which it began to hiss and roar with hostile intent; as its army of SkitterBooms, Spiderlings, and Moon Widows began swarming the Adventurer; and he started to run; with hopes of getting out of there alive; but the Moon Widows had other plans; as they quickly pounced on him, and had started wrapping him up within their strong and sticky silk webs; and once the raider was encased in their silken prison, only then did the Gargantula King and his army gathered, with plans on making their trapped Adventurer have a very warm welcome, in the only way they knew how…

what do you guys think?

Pretty good

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Oh my gosh, this actually pretty good! Maybe make it a little longer and check for grammatical/spelling errors, but it’s still excellent!


thank you! i have to now draw the Gargantula King…

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it’s good!

maybe cut down in the semi-colons and do more periods and commas, but otherwise, good job mate :+1:

i happen to like semi-colons.

it’s grammatically correct; and this is only Chapter one.


Is this the catacombs u were telling me about earlier?

no, but somewhat yes; this story takes place in the Royal Catacombs, while the roleplay takes place in the common Catacombs.

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this is so good, it reminds me of an ember in the ashes, i think you’d like it, its a four book series


honestly, Thanks! it’s a Fanfic short story based on Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure!


I have a fuzzy feeling about the future


eh just some tweet hint thing i heard about like 10 minutes ago



i’m SO going to post this on DeviantArt.

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