a talk.

yall be like " sad " " depressed and faking and seeking for attention like no one cares, not a single soul and y’'all be " depressed " over the dumbest things ever " imma k!! myself bc my gf broke up w/ me " UR 11?? you don’t even need a gf/bf you need to learn sum. And watch YouTube .

i said what i said lol,

if ur mad idrc lol cry abt me.

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I am Deepressed :sob::sob::sob::sob: stop mackong fon of m…


fr bro

cough Saku cough cough

yes saku.

kaw kaw kaw KAWKAWKAWKAW 0-0

Literally any child in existence

Even gacha kids

I’m def depressed :crazy_face::crazy_face:

This is too accurate


:> ay