a warning at roblox

there warning at roblox i will show u video if u say bad words then they can ban u from in roblox

You just got Jungle Japed; you now must change your pfp to Donkey Kong for 2 hours.

(and the image above doesn’t count.)

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can i show u the video?

maybe; if you agree to getting Jungle Japed.

i agree with u

then you shall not remove the DK pfp until the two hours have passed.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 07.42.13

on here; your post gets flagged, and you could get suspended.

My god

Dont call people ga y

It is not nice

It is offensive to the LGBTQIA+ community


Screenshot 2021-10-14 07.44.20

we can’t say that word

on Roblox I can
I can say ga y without a problem

or else someone can get banned from community custom curstom cursor if they saying bad word

Un delete those, you sus baka



i said that word on roblox cause of my auto but didnt get banned?