Add Thomas the Dank engine

ok that answers it…

frosty you are a newb… where is dark sparkz

huh… Do I know you?

now hes gone…

Hello? Anonymous, you there?

I guess not…

I think now is a good time to ask, what is going on in this area? And I think we need to go to the base and into the safehouse. Where absolutely no one can enter without the key. And even if they have the key, they have to have a DNA test to prove that it is me.

Uhm, JUST YOU? First of all, If it was just you. Then how were we able to go in-

Yo Bigger Dank Engine Dat Can Smoke weed

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Well then, ((GIANT)) Dank engine that can steal vodka from across the Globe.

No he shall not. He inject him self with alcohol

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You shall not do this, Because that is pathetic than my NEXT ATTACC.

He will stuff Durritos in his brain And also put in Dank memes.

inject alcohol through the nose…

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he will dance to this

That isn’t Strong enough, There should be at least more.

Hello Child, Do you want to join us in something. I will give you tons of Dank Memes.

OK sure

add tommy