Alive Fnaf AU

Alive Liz: @Mirabel_Madrigal
Alive Micheal:
Alive Chris:
Alive Clara:
Alive Gabriel: @Creeperbot33
Alive Cassidy: @Mirabel_Madrigal
Alive Fritz: @Nightwing
Alive Jeremy:
(Plus it’s some dramaaa~)
Vanessa/Vanny: @Mirabel_Madrigal
Susie: @Kuma
Will: @BonnieLove

I call Fritz

can i be alive chris

also what age are the alive missing kids and afton family? also what are the ships???

The ships are gabriel x Elizabeth
C.C x Cassidy
Charlie x Fritz
And Liz’s age is: 28
Gabriel: 30
Cass: 25
Charlie: 26
Fritz: 27
Jeremy: 29

And jeremy x Susie

phh nice

can i also be susie? its ok if not


also are they married or just a couple?


so they have kids or not?



Let’s start rn ig-


Cass: Just chilling
Liz: Uhhhhhhhhh-

chris: dear do u know where my toothbrush went? did the kids take it?

Cass: No. Did you look under the sink?

chris: ya also can u check on the kids?