All Universes included RP

be anyone you like! (as long as itś not anyone way too OP)

(and no, you can’t be something like a tree, so don’t bother asking to do this)

you can even be Ross, the pig from bad piggies, if you choose…

Hello there. I saw the word RP.

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would you like to join? if so, pick your character!

Me realizing I have to type it all out again

Well, Ill just be EnderA to make life easier. EnderA is in my pfp but wears a flower crown with purple flowers I was unable to draw

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Also her mouth is purple

ok, and hopefully @Adidas_Doge @GalaxyWings @EliteSnowNinja @Matteo_Gonzalez and @Prof_Mathtastic will join too…

She is 10 years old but is 6`1 (Because she is part Enderman) She can teleport, cant control it that well though. She is very kind and hates water so much it can hurt her. People see her as weak though she is stronger but does not want to hurt anyone.

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i think i this was mine frist but sinced that roleplay is now lost he made this

A rp is a rp

people also see me as weak, but they abandon that thought when i call for backup, AKA, Cyclone and Nimbus…

ok so am gonna be agent kitty

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ok then, now only @Adidas_Doge, @GalaxyWings, @EliteSnowNinja, and @Ranboo have to respond…

not in the mood right now

oh, sorry then bud…

i am trying to fix the universe or else the zero point will go crazy download (99)

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am not even gonna ask why but ok

Confused EnderA noises
EnderA: Where am I…

your trapped here unless we fix that download (99)

EnderA: What is that!!