amonut of topics per day and muting

I can see one day that custom cursor community getting raided by some discord mods

heres how i might work by trust lvl

Basic: 5 topics per day

Member: 10 topics per day

Regular:20 topics


muting would work for leaders and moderaters

basically its a way to suspend someone without suspending someone

the concept is basically when pressing someones profile it would be under the message button

after pressing it u can suspend them from talking for a certain time

i cant think of anything else

  • How were the ideas
  • Good
  • Bad

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Thing is TL0 users can only make 3 topics and the more trust you have the more it multiply (I think)

But also what’s the point for raiding CCC it’s pointless and won’t get anything out of it


That’s my point why do something about it if nothing will happen

you kow who people are these days

??? What dose that mean

people would do things for NO reason

Yea but what will it do IF it happens

i hate myself

The only reason discord raids are bad is because it increases the user count and could reach the discord server limit

Making user not able to join

There’s really no point of taking action of this because it won’t do anything but fix something that was never a problem

im so DUMB

im small big

am not big brained difdsoasd

Shouldn’t call yourself dumb but it’s because you didn’t think it through and didn’t know why discord raid are a big deal

Most of the time, raids’re just extremist groups spreading propaganda. Or at least that’s what I saw.