an idea for blife and the mods

ok, so we know the gem wolf does person of the month. but that is more like lucky wheel winner of the month. what if we were to organize a poll, for everything, like best music maker, best artist, best pfp, ect. and you can sign up for one too. it would be an unreplyable topic that would have all the polls on it for the month, with a wiki at the top for who signs up for what. the polling would take place a week after people sign up. i could organize it, if there was a way to make the topic unreplyable. (and ig i would need mod but idk. not asking for it)
if the idea is worthwile, then i think it would be cool to have badges for the winners.


why does that title sound like a band?
blife and the mods

also, if it does happen, i vote veterens, regulars, and mods get more points or somthing. because they have been here longer.