An idea here

Name: :lol:

does this need 20 votes for yes to be added?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

What it that exactly?

I call it the high version of the laughing emoji


Also is that a tear coming out of his mouth :sob:

Those tears look strange

It still needs some more votes

They kinda look like a logo without words

Now it kinda looks like he’s trying to eat his tear

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And his eyes look like < and >

Very likely and they are not liquid

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Never have I see, someone eat a tear

Like if it was some sandwich

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I just think this needs 20 votes for this to be added

It’s summer and user activity is lower on CCC.
So I will accept lower number of votes here, but it still needs to be more than 5

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its 7 votes tho

Three yellow blobs :lol::lol::lol:


You really did it :sob:


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nevermind it works

yay :lol:

A emoji that eats a tear? We seen it all now

that’s rude. i made all the way just for you to make fun of my idea? I CAN’T LET YOU MAKE FUN OF MY IDEA! :rage: