An issue with drafts

Every time I try to delete my drafts, they never delete. Anyone else have this issue?


well, i definitely have this issue. it drives me mad.

I have this probelm too! I’ve got five drafts hiding!



i think if you press cancel on them, they will go away… i think…

No, it never works for me

Yes, I’ve had the problem for a while now and I think I’ve figured out why.

Do you or your parents by any chance use Qustodio?

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You probably have multiple tabs with a community open
And you need to delete all previous drafts


Every time I try, even if I only have one tab open with this site, they never delete.

You try to delete them and receive an error message
or they disappear and reappear again?

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I delete them, but they never delete.
Like, I click the delete button, and nothing happens, and when I refresh the page, they’re still there.

@galaxywiings Should be fine now
But something in your browser is preventing you from deleting drafts
Try some other browser next time


@galaxywiings ?

…how did you know–

Because I have it as well, and I have the same issue with drafts
I never had an issue with them until my parents installed Qustodio, so I’m assuming it’s some sort of glitch

whats Qustodio :sun_with_face:

A stupid thing where your parents can set an internet time limit and block websites :sun_with_face:

:sun_with_face: what limits have the set you :sun_with_face: