another idea :0

idk if the ccc has this either

the ccc has rules of course
but the ccc should add a list of the rules

but it says how long you are suspended for breaking a certain rule of example

say you said a really bad word you get suspended for like 2 days for that

or say you said something really racist
you get suspended for like 3 weeks for that

does that make sense?

what do you think of this idea

but then ppl will find ways to break the rules just to spite them

the worse of the thing you do, the bigger the punnishment

yes, we have allready gone over that

oh ok

It doesn’t work like that because some users do it unintentionally and some intentionally
Because of that if a user constantly violates the same rule he gets banned for longer every next time
If users is trying to date strangers here, or do similarly inappropriate actions he might get permabanned on a second violation

It could be probably converted into formulas and text, but I’m afraid that it will be as long as the LOtR books

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hmmm ah hah another idea

let me think of another 1

Bruh those aren’t even that long compared to others that I’ve read

Hope you liked what you read