Any one care for a mha rp?

Yes you can be a viallan

And can I go through villain rehab

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my alt accont is @Demon_Kitty and @Sad.kitten.for.life2

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ima be Dabi

is that ok

That it is ok

ok then also can I also give him an upgrade type thing to his quirk or can I change it

Pin on Animes guys

oops :smiling_imp:

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either one works


ok ima change his quirk to where he can control every element so it is called elemental

but certain elements take a tool on him

soo look in my profile goto my topic cuz i dont want to ruin the rp

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CCCies 2021 Finals Voting

This is for a school project-
Can anyone tell me any mistakes i made

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Theres no mistakes i see

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it looks good

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Dabi- walks into U.A