Anybody wanna try my blooket

Y’all can do it solo idk if it will give you a link to my exact blooket but it’s worth a shot

but imma go afk alot



I need an id


Btw some questions will have trick letters so pay close attention to the options

joineddddfijefhdjnfejnpic jfe

Oop Kai rejoin I accidentally removed you I ment to remove the other me


am i in the game i cant tell

:sob: :sob:

i didnt answer omg

Did the blooket end O.O

idk ._.

its just spinning for me


I think the screen restarted on my host screen so it won’t load to the next question

I’m just gonna go to sleep see ya @hrtsforgeto @BadKarMa also happy bday once agian Kai!

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