anyone want to have a highschool rp?

here is my oc :
Pin by Momoka H on 葛葉可愛い(๑♡∀♡๑) | Anime cat boy, Cool anime guys, Cute  anime guys ( not my art )
age : 15
name : max
gender : he/they
sexuality : gay
likes : soda, food and breaking the rules
dislikes : annoying people
personality : breaks rules alot such as he skips class, eats during class, inturupts teachers ect. but he also is very kind when you get to know him, he also is mean to bullies, so hes only mean to other mean people

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I volunteer, because I have nothin’ better to do

might as well be myself-

( sorry i didnt respond was out shopping with my mom )

lemme join :pray:



what type of highschool?

idk just highschool

may i join

of course!

I haven’t made an OC in a long while so Imma attempt it.

Do I need a picture of it?

no, you just need to describe it

but you can

Ight bet I got a saucy one


is anybody awake

is anyone alive rn?

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