Badge Idea | Doors

Oye, Hombre! I’ve Got A New Badge Idea!
Name: Doors
download (4)
Description: One Last Door…
People that want it: @JOSAIAH_J (Me) @ROBERT_RODRIGUEZ_LEB @N1GHT.M4R3
Thanks, @blife450.


move it to the badge discussion

That’s not a thing, düd.

yeah it is :P

Screenshot 2023-03-12 9.40.27 PM

lemme deal with this

I can’t see it


I’m also on chrome, düd

I’m tried, hombre

much better ?

But do you want the badge?

I literally searched it, can’t find it

yeah i played doors 30 times

Hello, @yummyorangejuice !

It’s because you’re a lower trust level, those who are regular, are the ones who can create badges

That makes more sense now, düd.


Oh my gold!