Badge idea?

Badge name: The Council of Smol Beans

Badge image: any character in their Smol Bean format

Description: all who have at least ONE image of a Character as a Smol Bean, are allowed to join this Council

@Nuggy, go to
post Tornado Outbreak smol beans here:
to see my entry for this badge.

so, @Nuggy, did you see my entry?



Can I join your badge

do you have a Image of a character you like/love in their Smol bean format?
here’s my entry, and my example:
Smol Bean Zephyr

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cool and i don’t

well, who’s your favorite character? this can be from a Movie, a Book, a Game…

Well I don’t have a favorite character

none? no favorite character whatsoever?

yep :sunglasses:

then you can’t join the Council, if you can’t provide anyone with proof of your favorite character, as a smol bean…


well, @moderators, can we make this a badge?

hey @blife450, can you make this idea a Badge and give it to me, @ProfMathtastic, and @Ranboo please?

so, @blife450, could you please make this a badge for me, @ProfMathtastic and @Ranboo?



thanks, @blife450!

Could we do a badge plz plz support my idea