Badge Request

Can I please have a Badge called Oreo Gang?
Image: An Oreo
Description: This person has eaten an Oreo and gained a higher mental state by doing so.

I wanna be apart of it…
cause it reminds me of someone special

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I miss herrrrr

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oh me too… i think

Anyone that wants it can have it too.
Especially if you see it as a special one

I thInk it gOT yOur nuMbeR

what happened to oreo?

May I have le Oreo Badge, Duke?


I did say anyone can have it.

Tysm :pray:

she deleted her acc again…

I want this badge pls

Plz read

I want that badge, seems like great badge idea

u can change the kind of discussion
change it to feedbacks pls


Oh nooooooooo realllyyyyyyy

Oreo Badge