this place is a Massive planet; forestated in Bamboo Jungle, Jungle, Jungle Falls, and Mountainous Jungle; these will be explained later.

anywho, this marks the beginning of the adventures of Gemini, Erisec, and Symphonia. (as well as anyone else who wants to join.)

Now for the Terrain Explaining:

Bamboo Jungle: it’s a, well, Bamboo Jungle; what more do you want? has lots of Bamboo, with Colossal Junglewood, Junglewood, and Palms scattered about, with Bushes in between. has Pandas.

Jungle: your average Jungle, filled with Bushes and Trees; so yeah.

Jungle Falls: a hidden Jungle Waterfall; one of the only sources of Water here.

Mountainous Jungle: just as the name describes; Jungle, in the mountains.

and now for the Rules:
no spam
no swearing
no NSFW/disturbing images
be nice
don’t turn this into a Naruto Image chat; or a Image chat
be considerate
do NOT make fun of how someone Roleplays
try your best to not make this go off-topic
do NOT center this around yourself
please refrain from talking about anything which is inappropriate.

if you do any of those things; you’ll get flagged.

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@GalaxyWings @EliteSnowNinja

h e r e

okay; you’re going to be Gemini for this, right?)


(yeets self)

(she has amnesia, but is generally very friendly)

Yay! you guys are here! so Ninja, you are going to be Symphonia in this, right?)

(Of course. Symphonia is a lot like me, so this’ll be easy. She prefers to be called Symph)

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okay; ready Gemini? Ready, Symph?)

(I think so)



(sorry! i was doing something and got distracted. don’t worry if I don’t say anything.)


shuffles out of the brush, away from the wreckage of the Shuttle ugh; where’s Gemini and Symph?

Gemini is sleeping on the ground
(she also goes be Mimi, Gemi, and Gem)

walks towards Gem Gemi, are you okay?

Yawns Yeah, I was just really tired, so I slept in this tall grass.

looks comfy. hey, have you seen Symph?

I think she was making food at home last time I saw her. Why do you ask?