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I seem to know quite a bit about the different battalions that were mentioned in the movies, displayed throughout the shows, and glorified in Battlefront 2.

My favorites being:

87th Sentinel Corps~Outer Rim Planets
327th Star Corps~Felucia and or Geonosis
212th Attack Battalion~Geonosis and Utapau
91st Recon Corps~Ryloth
41st Ranger Platoon~Kashyyyk
(Just to name a few of the planets they were stationed on.)



Can u vote?

u know what i want to see is the 501st imperial legion, after order 66 the 501st was a professional battalion under direct command of darth vader, i would like to see them as a cursor now, but heres a bit of lore, this is why palpatien switch from using clones to completly storm troopers, after order 66 the empire forcfully took over the kaminoe cloning facility, and had them continue making clones but completly loyal to palpatine , the kaminoines eventualy were getting tired of the imperial occupation, so they secretly started making they’re own clone army to battle the enemy clones and storm troopers, they were trained by veteran arc troopers, but eventualy palpatiene found out and had the 501st legion go and stop them, and they also hired boba fett to help because he knew the layout of the facility. The clone army only had a few gunships but were heavily armed with guns, but because the clones were not fully grown up and trained they stood no chance against theyre grown 501st brothers, and there were too few arc troopers to make a difference. They eradicated everysingle one. But after that even after the 501st showing theyre loyalty through that battle palpatien had every clone hunted down and killed and replaced his army with natural born storm troopers.

I know that Palpatine eradicated the Clone Army which was the worst thing imaginable. But I didn’t know all that. . .
Thanks for telling me!

your welcome!