Becoming admin

I want to become admin because I have good responceiblite. I will do anything to become and help out in this community so please, I will DO ANYTHING to help. Thank you so much.

-By William


You joined 7 days ago. Give it some time.


Maybe you can help me get started on the small stuff

Like what?

Maybe could help if the posts are mean/ nasty / or what no one will like and tell you guys like “this is the problem…”

Did you mean for them not too be mean/nasty?

typo sy

All good. I’ll try to help.:+1:

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so your a admin?

No, but I’m a member of the community that likes to help. :+1:

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Yea me too but I don’t have a lot of power so…

It is because you are not cool like us lol I am kidding, Just give it time bro @William_Johnson

you would of been the first report but you were just triggered me.

Why would you be an admin in the first place? :confused:

So I can help out to this community

But you show right here that you would’ve reported @Juiceman87 when he was just joking.

sorry but you cant

William is just 10 years old, Give more explanation to him.


I’m 13 too!