Bisexual Cursor

Bisexual Flag Cursor (arrow)
Bisexual Flag Cursor (Hand)

Hi, it’s me Kit/@Korok
So I decided to finally make an LGBTQ+ pride cursor since it doesn’t look like blife is going to.
Obviously it’s not perfect or anything, and it might be a bit off-centered, but uh hopefully you guys will like this considering my idea had over 80 votes. And yes, I plan on making more, but not right now.
Please feel free to comment any constructive criticism, questions, or requests. <33

Good job hanner!

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Oh my god yesss! I really need this!

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So, I noticed when trying to click on smaller things it’s a bit difficult, which means i probably cropped the images to the wrong size

Hopefully it’s not too problematic, but if it is I can easily fix it

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Could you please do neptunic next :pleading_face: :sob:

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Of course!


Yw! I’ll notify you when I complete it

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About the problem with sizing. The computer I used to make this cursor was on a different one than the one I’m currently using, meaning I probably won’t get the chance to re-size or re-crop the images.
If you decide to download the images and upload them into a cursor, just change the cursor’s size to fit your liking.

Uhm :sob: Can you do a Arodemi or polydemi cursor- :sob::smiley: im sorry-

Ah, if by arodemi you mean demiromantic, then yes, but i’ve never heard of polydemi-

Demiromantic- :sob:

And im also poly so-

Okay, I can definitely do demiromantic
I’ll do it after asexual

By poly, do you mean polysexual, attraction to some but not all genders, or polyamorous, someone who dates multiple people ?

Idek- im still kinda questioning my poly part so- :sob:

Would you hate me if I said both?/

Oh ok, that’s fine

I just like to make sure, since sometimes it seems like people forget there’s multiple sexualities with “poly”

of course not
Nothing’s wrong with being both polysexual and polyamorous

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Ok then. Thanks :sob::kissing_smiling_eyes: