Can't Create Cursors

I’ve got this feeling that lots of you out there want to create your own cursor of your pets or other things! But almost all of the pictures or things you upload has to many pixels! I think we need to update this app and make it so you don’t have to have a certain amount of pixels! We need the owner of this app who can make these updates to see this notation! So PLEASE give this comment likes and attention so the owner will change this! ~ Thank you!


@blife450 i really dont know what to say

I just shrink the images.

You dont really have to reply just wanted you to make it come popular so the owner would see it!

i @ the owner :smile:

and i @ironman

even tho i spider-man

Thx now i know the owner


I @thegalaxygirl lol


Yo whats up?

Nothing really, just wanted to say Hi!

Oh okay, Hi!!!