Can't delete

Idk what it is, if it’s just this computer or what, but I can’t cancel or delete any of my posts
I can delete them but they won’t stay deleted if I reload
It might just be this computer because I tried on a different device and it was working

ShE ReAlLy MaDe It

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kfrnrwjfoiwklrn BAHAHAHHAHA!!!

it could be a glitch

Y yall laughing :"D

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nkvkjtehgktjgiutkhgihkgbierkjghiukjrghhgjrji idk!!! BAHAHAHHAHA!!!

its not that serious bro chillllyyyyy

No you chileeeeeeee

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chile anyways so
:eyes: :lips: :eyes:

hbvfejjvnenvikueijejtnkgvte I can’t my brother looking at me like i’m crazy!!!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! gvoijhvnjdngribujkngrfbiujknr

Great solution bud

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bivfebuivenvuifv HANNAH CAN’T DELETE ANYTHING!!! jonrft4rkmfiehrjnmviurtnkgtrgkhtingktihjkgn4ithjngijntguijrkm



Ay don’t make fun you wouldn’t be happy if you couldn’t :")

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booty judy

ok…but still!!! cdnjkbehvke,nfbiujektnmfiuhv4,g