Changeable Username Setting.

We should be allowed to change our username instead of asking mods to change it.


yes, i support.

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huhu cool

i think this was requested before
but the answer was no because it’s too much work

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It’s probably already the 10th topic with the same request here.
Usernames are not allowed to be changed after the 3rd day because those users create posts.

When a user changes the username, Custom Cursor Community need’s to not only change users name, but change all posts and messages that were created by that user. All of quotes of the messages of that user, all his requests and everything.

If a user has 3 post and no one quoted him - that’s not a big deal, Community needs to change only about a 100 entries in the database.

But if its done by a 1 year CCC user with 15000 of public posts, 6500 likes, 384000 posts read,
8600 likes given - the community need to change every that entry including posts changes, so its about 1 million entries changed that are scatered around the database. Its a giant load for the community engine. And it causes halts and crashes of the community.

Thats why username changes are disabled on the 3rd day. Its enougth to make up your mind and choose a username already.


oh, okay then, i understand.


thats crazy

Who with many posts might even noticed that when you change your username about 5 minutes community is still rewriting data and posts are assigned to them one by one


jeez, alright
thats rough

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Would it also confuse other people if they changed their username? I mean, they might not know who you are if you change it right?

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yeah that would make sense ig but its obviously not the main reason

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Well ya-

Old messages and posts are still assigned to them, so its easy to find out who is that

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