Cheeto Lover Badge

We need to have this badge to all those Cheeto lovers out there UwU
Description: You MUST be a lover for :sparkles: cHeEtOs :sparkles:


I love cheetos omg

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UwU ikr? tHeY So GuD



i need this in my life. i will eat any cheeto i FIND that comes between my PATH.

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can i have the badge kitty chan

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wait how did u make a badge dont u gotta be trust level 3 for it


@DashtheWarrior moved the topic to Badges. I’ll count that as he requested it

ah ok i wonder have u ever ask for a badge🧐

Can i get this badge

cAn I hAVe It <3 Pls

YuS AlL Of YoU MaY @blife450 may @ItzYoBestie_Ari @J0RD4N @Ethan.kun @alyfeen4u and @Shifter have this?

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i gotted it

I love Cheeto Puffs :heart_eyes:

Yus i have it

ChEeTo pUfFs :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Yas they are the best