Chikn nuggit fans

Chikn nuggit fan
description: people that subscribed to chikn nuggit get this badge

Requested by @Levan_Chelishvili

Give to @Levan_Chelishvili @xXYour4EverXx
And people who want it


could i have this badge?

this isn’t the original one…and you can’t be giving badges without letting the owner know.

I have not made someone a badge in a while

I’m sure I’m fine

Also what do you mean it’s not the original one?

The original post has been moved to badges already so I recommend you to delete this…

I don’t see another Chikn nugget badge

Can you show me it

Also I’ll let blife tell me if it’s ok or not

Then you must be blind as heck

I ain’t blind I just don’t see it in the search bar at all

It’s not that much of a problem I can handle it myself shifter
But thanks for letting me know


Also was that part necessary?

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