Christmas is near

What is one thing yall getting?

For me a new desktop TT–TT

Ima prob get a lot of FNAF and Trevor Henderson plushies

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Staying updated i guess :+1:

All I want for Christmas is for krampus to replace santa!!!

Santa is da best

This is coming from one of the most crazy villains ever

im prob not gonna get anything cuz i don’t have friends
merry crisis tho

Santa outsold



thats an amazing choice

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i will get all the plusheys and all the manga i like and the fnaf books

can u change the gif on ur profile :skull:

Which one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

the henta1 one, it’s against the rules to have stuff like that on here.

Yeah pls change it I hate it

7LM book if i can

im going to beat up santa if he doesnr give me it / hj

31 days til Christmas

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I’m getting a Nintendo Switch with Sonic Frontiers, Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing

Very interesting