Cloud Kingdom

This is the kingdom in the clouds, so all Air/Wind/Mist/anything sky related are recommended.


Zephyr: Taken by @Fern

(You can be anyone, and anything, as long as it’s not Covid 19, or an OP character!)

Would you like to join me, @Midnight_Star, @Sarvente, and @LadyFlipFlop?)

Can I join)

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Also you might know my sister Julia)


She said she did some goddess rp with you or smeh)

Lilith somehow falls from the sky like normal, even they are literally in the sky


OOOH, @LadyFlipFlop!)

Hey! is chillin on mah fluffy cloud

I am her brother Elijah)

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So, this is a literal cloud kingdom, right?

Hm, if this is made of clouds, Lilith takes off her backpack and drops it


Yeah, I think my backpack is gone…

Why did you do that?

I wanted to see if it would fall through…

But, it’s gone now…

(Some person on Earth is literally being crushed by Lilith’s backpack-)

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