Cursor Help???!

So i just downloaded this and changed my cursor but when i get off chrome it goes back to the default triangle? is it suppose to or am i not doing something right for it to be staying on besides in browser?

The cursor only works in the Chrome browser. Everywhere else, it goes back to the default cursor.
Hope this helps!

nope i think u just have to reload all your tabs hopefully this help @blife450 is this right?

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Currently, Custom Cursor is a browser extension so it should work only in your browser

Not only in Google Chrome browser :grin:
We also have Opera and Edge browser extensions


@blife450 hey

@DaRK_Chicken_Nugget Hello

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For me it only works when the extensions pop up window and NOWHERE ELSE :cry: wait why does it say :cry: where da emoji

Hello @Trash_Panda
There are two possible reasons for that

  1. You got a copycat extension installed
  2. The extension doesn’t see tabs where it needs to change cursors.


  1. Make sure that you have our extension installed. Delete it and reinstall it from our website.
  2. The most common one. Reload your web browser tabs after you have selected a cursor. After the reload extenison will be able to see your browser tabs and change cursors there