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I been wondering if there is a way for us to download an application to design our own custom cursor design to contribute to “CustomCursor” . Basically trying to keep the cursor from changing back to the Original cursor. Like if we can custom the extension cursor when extending a window? or the Type Cursor when typing into the Box or Status Bar? Right now there are only 2 Options for customizing.

Hello @Juiceman87!
First of all, to create your own cursors all you need is a graphical editor such as Photoshop or any of the free alternatives(simple google query returns: GIMP, Inkscape, Pixlr, Krita, Canva, Paint.NET, Seashore, SumoPaint).
If you are good in drawing - you can share your works here so that everybody could see them.
Custom Cursor extension for Chrome is intended to change only cursor and pointer, at some point we will probably add text input and resize cursors, but i’m not sure when because those are quite specific cursors and it will be quite a puzzle to figure out how to add some theme to them


Yes I had to figure that out myself lol I apologise for asking a stupid question, I am not too good with computers as others but I am still learning. But I do have another question, Are we able to upload .Gif’s? It let me do it because it was under the 125Px and it is showing on the web extension but it doesn’t do it when I start using the Mouse cursor. Can you help me out?

Unfortunately no, currently only PNG’s and JPEG are supported. If you are using static GIF than you can convert it to PNG online. Animations are heavy and still a task for us to conquer


Thank you @blife450, I did create a Gif and I tried using it for the Chrome Extension Drop down window to show Cursor turning into the Pointer because it only shows the Cursor not the Pointer but then I been mix and matching cursors and pointers and hard to distinguish which are which unless I go to the Upload Cursor Tab window.


In some part I’ve explained you in PM, but have a look here
We are more into that way of dealing with the issue currently
We do understand that it is a bit complicated without a preview, but we are seeking for a more simple and usable resolution to that issue

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