Custom Cursor idea

not really a cursor idea, more an idea for custom cursor
the idea is different profiles for Custom cursor, I want to get Custom cursor on the computer I’m on today (with my mom’s permission) but my siblings are also gonna use it so I think you guys should add profiles to separate the cursors me, my brother, and my sister are gonna use

Id put this under #feedbacks because thats usually where these kinda suggestions are sent in

I’m afraid that we would need to use your personal data in the app and I really do not want any personal data to be involved in the project
School bans of the Custom Cursor would happen a lot more often

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That is a good idea

I do see what your saying, but you could have it so people make their own profiles instead of it making itself (if thats what your saying)

It means that profiles must be linked to some unique data of a person, and if we are requesting this data from you we are the bad guys

Ah, ok