Dave and Bambi cursors

I just looked, and there are no Dave and Bambi cursors
So…i hope that soon there will be cursors from mods like
Fnf vs dave and bambi
Fnf vs Dave and bambi golden apple
Dave and bambi popcorn edidition
Etc etc

Oh wait a second…

These are the only four i can find
But there are so many people missing
Like Origin Bandu, True Expunged, Expunged, Banjax, Brobgonal, Angry Bambi, Tristan etc etc

omg expunged ccc real

b ut we could use chars from 3.0 like tristian, that bot, the screwery bambi

and i sure would love brob as a cursor

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All that matters to me is that we have Trist

her name is Playbot

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Oh and maybe a Garret cursor could be cool
Really all of the characters in Algebra

i dont think that can happen

the chars had to be moved from gapple due to copyright issues


Added PlayBot Cursor to Friday Night Funkin’ cursor collection

Friday Night Funkin' PlayBot Cursor



Reviving this becouse i really want a True Expunged and a Unfairness Expunged cursor