dAwGs Rp

mA DaWG lIkE alWaYs

Could’ve made it better but noH

LoOks Awfly LiKe mY oC bUt Who cAReS??

Hold up- :face_with_raised_eyebrow: /j

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Tf does lean mean-


lets just say its a drink :sweat_drops:

So StaRt?


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wUt b r e h


Reaper: walks diguised*


Kurskit:-drinking some wuotat-

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Looks for dead souls*

NaW dAwg kUeRe AwA?

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Mah brUv is ageQewa


nAw ItS AgUeWaWayuEy

ArGEntIne WaY)

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she was in the bathroom of her home, staring directly at her face, within the reflecting of her mirror in the bathroom, her eyes always glowed every time her reflection showed, she found that problematic, but she just needed to not worry abt it, she turned the faucet on and splashed some water in her face.
she dried it with a rag afterward, leading her way into the closet part of her room, she grabbed some outfits to change out of her little lounging around clothes she had on and put on her usual outfit.

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:sparkles: AuThOr :sparkles: