Despacito Spider Cult

Name:Despacito Spider Cult


:clap: When can i join :sparkles:

This was requested by @TDogFresh ask him

Please allow me to join @TDogFresh

Ok i request to blife but he said that I have to be tl3 so I asked Knotthegrawx but by the time she made the post @blife450 was already offline

im in

can i have this please :star_struck:

May I have it?

Yes when blife gets back online

But we must start the cult

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I want this badgeee

Hello?? how could someone make this and not @ me, the former owner of @Despracito_Spider

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HEllo @blife450 can you give this badge to me, @KnotTheGrawx , @Night_Wing , @Alex-TheGayPeep , @kok0s.own3r , @Red_hood , @Adidas_Doge , @august_dreemurr , and @Luis7911

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There is no description provided

Oh @blife450 can the desc be: De spa cito!