Doing this because yes

I guess this is a vent

But My Mom Makes Me Really Stressed She Just Makes Me Mad She Makes Me Wanna Punch A Wall

She Legit Was Mad Cause I Didn’t Get The “Passing Score” WHEN I GOT 74% WHICH IS PASSING BUT SHES SO STRICT LIKE WHY

and she wanted me in the kitchen :neutral_face:

can god give me a new mom or just make her not act strict

Not like she’s calling me a donkey because I’m

“Stupid” and that people with 70% are dumb :clown_face:

like the only scores on stuff I can get are C to B

not A Because I Can’t Really Be Perfect Like My Sister Who Gets A’s

Sorry to hear that

it’s ok it’s just

mom leave the house :partying_face:

imagine having a mom that bothers u 24/7

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y u p


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Thats not really strict bro. Does your mom get mad for having an A-?

You aren’t a donkey or s t u p i d or dumb

i guess my parents are psychopaths

yeah i was aware of that


i cant read

Legit exactly like my mom I had almost the exact grade and she did the exact thing

my mom thinks c means bad