DRAWING CONTEST..That sounded so girly- ew-

i’ll send it to u later…


Ronald Mcdonald


hey @POpboom-raccoon, did you finish Electra yet?

yeah, like a while ago

but cant show u until like 3:00 central time

oh, okay then.

at school /:

also, i drew it on paper so…

idk what u wanted from me, but id dint intend for it to be your picture
its kind of more like my own interpretation


it’s okay though.


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you should join! Your amazing at drawing!

Oh…er…no im not

plus that was in June

I could do Electra

Digital or on paper

Paper first, then Digital. please and thank you.

Why both?

Also do you want me to do it in my own style?


because, i like to compare.