DRAWING CONTEST..That sounded so girly- ew-

Oh okay coolio

alright, let me know when you get done with them, okay?

Oh the paper one might take awhile if ur okay with that

the digital one i can do easily

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yeah, i’m fine with that!

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Draw this bean



WHO, is this child?!?

hey @Zer-0, how are they coming?

:raised_hand: i can

Pretty good!

Ive started on both

not done yet

i might have to go to a dinner party so uh

oh, umm, okay @Zer-0, i can wait for when you get back

Im sorryy

no Axl, it’s okay!

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Thank you

you’re honestly welcome! and take your time on them both, okay Axl?

wait am I supposed to draw :woman_standing:

Im gonna call you…

Mic Jagger

lmbo :weary:

Mac Jagger