Dream team RP (Read my post please

Ok, I made this because I need to be Dream. Why? Because I spent 2 days making a Dream mask. Just say if you wanna join. I’m too lazy to check so @ me

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ok thx

is it ok if i role s wilbur soot for this one??

Sure im just tired rn

ok thx imma go ahead and make character slots for this role if thats ok

thats fine

Heh I made the real name thing EVEN LONGER

lol tbh i spent a week trying to make dreams opposites mask, The cracks and breaking in the mask finally gave way last week so i gotta make it again

Oof my mask is a bit cracked but it works

i made mine out of paper maché and ended up with a thin structure and didnt fix it

I just wanna make something clear, Sea is like an alternate personality for me but she still talks so ill usualy say what shes saying because i dont trust her

ok i understand

Also mines out of paper maché too


but at that moment when i said it still works
Sea: Yaaaaaa totalyyyyyy

lol, my friend said that when i had done my first paper maché mask for an art competition, the thing snapped in half after a kid tried snatching it from me because of the cracks wearing thin from usage and movement itself ;-;

worst thing is that it snaped on a friday 13th

I’m a big fan of Dream

same here