Elven Rp

Look, idk what type of Elf you are, but please don’t pick Stealth Elf, that’s my character, btw…

(I’ll allow @Midnight_Star2, since yeah)

((Also, this rp is for Elven type creatures only, so nothing else that isn’t either Drow, or whatever @Midnight_Star2 is, and others, ok?)

And now I wait for peoples to respond to this…)

Idk Elven…But can I just rp as an Oc of mine?)

Alright, I’ll make an exception to your OC…

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happy noise welp thank gosh I have a sort of elven OC

they’re the same character, lolp


Nice, they’re allowed!

@blife450 its me @midnight_star please allow me to post and if u can please grant me my clan badges?

Is sleeping in his room-

@blife450 may i be able to post and can i be granted my clan badges its me @midnight_star

It doesn’t work like that
All badges are granted individually
And multi-accounts not welcomed