Emoji request

The Oscar’s


A walrus

Should we have these?
  • Yessss
  • Noooo

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@yummyorangejuice i summon you

YAH- ye

here ye here ye, this is a good one :1st_place_medal:

im eating mac n cheese ill be watching this

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roblox logo:

How abt the enders dragon

I can already feel these emojis Coming :weary:

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Yo imma make a part 2 of this then

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Bet :smiley: :hand:

Malak why did you vote no :sob:

What are we even gonna do with the youtube logo?
It will be rarely used, and only be put in bios when people advertise their channel


Ok imma remove the YouTube one

The oscars is the same thing but is gonna even be more rarely used

What about the memes one I just posted :sneezing_face:

Not exactly interested in them, sorry

Nah it’s fine it’s good to be straight up honest

i will say yes once again

I think these are unnecessary sorry

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