Epic Legends Badge 2023 Winner

Name: The Epic Legend 2023
Info: This Badge is owned by Night_Wing, he is the Epic Legend of 2022

Give this only to @Nightwing, not me nor anyone else.

@blife450 and @AshTheAnti-Hero give the badge to him

@Nightwing please say you want this badge to claim it forever

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Ya, I want da badge

The deed is done! All is left is the robux code to come in next Sunday or Monday

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Do you want to keep the robux or give it to someone else?

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I wanna keep it

alight I will pm you the code and the series is over for the year

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(also I mixed up 2022 and 2023, it’s suppose to be the next year XD)

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Oh, I can change it real quick

(No I already did-)

Oh, ok)


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