ever happened to u?

have yall dated somebody and he/she tells u that they cheated on you and u see ur ex dating ur best friend how would u feel (use a emoji)

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This is so acquit


:anguished: surprised :pensive: sad :(( :unamused: mad :face_with_hand_over_mouth: remembers im a BADDIE :roll_eyes: MWAH GRRRRR BADDIES NEVER CRY



Mad :anger: Sad :cry: wanting to punch them both :facepunch: and yuh

ok im a baddie and i still cry lol

it was a joke- :skull: baddies cry cuz there baddies :yawning_face:

same same i feel u


Tbh that actually happened to me before :smiley:

omg sameeeeee my ex cheated on me sad :cry: :cry: ever since i started listening to sad music im depressed

Bro the worst thing they did was that they started making fun of me cause i stared crying :star_struck:

same i only either home/ the school bathroom

very sad/emotionly

very sad/emotionlyyyy

No, this has never happened to me because
1: I have no friends Imao, and
2: the person I’m with is loyal

i would be mad :rage: sad :sob: i would slap my best friend :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: i would punch my ex :fist_left:t2: i would flip them both off(not using that emoji) then walk away :walking_woman:t2: then get with my ex’s best friend :couple:


Oh d a m n

ur lucky

omg i never thought of that

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